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Paintball & Body Paint Package

We’re experts on the male species here and we’ve come to the conclusion, after extensive research, that men like guns and naked women. So we’ve used this research to devise the ultimate buck’s party. e’ve split the party into two sessions, but both heavily feature paint. The first session is all about simulated warfare. A group of mates get full access to a paintball park and shoot the living hell out of each other. It’s pain-free, unless you get one in the neck. It’s also the best way to indiscriminately fire at people without breaking the law. The package offers players an exclusive discount and the buck gets to play for free, which is fair, considering all the other blokes will probably gang up on him.

All Day Access Paintaball
Paintballs pp
Tippmann 98 semi automatic paintball maker hire
20oz CO2 bottle hire (unlimited refills)
Mask, camouflage overalls and padded vest hire

Price: Your selected paintball package
Discount: Buck will play for FREE with matched number of paintballs as the team

The second part of the package involves two topless waitresses and a XXX body paint show. These girls certainly have some artistic flair, but they don’t use paint brushes. They’re more into finger painting. This is the part of the night where you unwind after a hard day’s shooting, drink beer, and perve on naked women. Sounds pretty good doesn’t it?

2 x 3hr Topless Waitresses
1 x Signature Show
1 x XXX Vibe BODY PAINT Show

Total Package Cost $1130

The above Paintball package is a suggestion only to get your bucks party kick started. You can tailor the package to your needs and budget, add additional waitresses or showgirls to the mix if you desire. Tell us your altimate bucks night experience and we will draw up a competative quote for you.